ТМ о роли Жавера -- 1987 год

"He's the dark force, the nemesis in the piece." explains Mann. "He believes in two things -- The Law and God, and God and the Law. And
there is no veering from that path. It is a straight line, very carefully plotted out specifically designed by God and by society.
"That's the way he lives his life, in as severe a course as possible. And if you stray from that, you go to hell or you go to jail.
If you stay on that path, you'll be rewarded - it's very simple."
What's it like playing the heavy? "Javert's penchant for being the villain does not come out of being evil, like a Moriarty," explains Mann. "It comes out of an obsession with what's proper and correct."
To prepare for the role Mann depended on "what's in myself."
"I pretty much relied on the text and the fact that I had limitations on what I was allowed to do."
"For example, in the rehearsal process I really wanted to have interaction with the whores and be close to them and touch them," said Mann. (Вот последняя фраза навела меня на мысль, что таки наш Терри хоть немножко, но похож на прототипа ;)
"Trevor Nunn and John Caird [the directors] said. 'You can't do that. You don't touch physically. You don't touch intellectually. You don't touch spiritually. You don't touch on any level with any of these people except to protect them within the rights of the law.'