В продолжение ещё одной старой беседы

Terry: The “V” in my name?
Maj: Right, the “V” in your middle name.
Terry: Originally there was another guy in the union named Terrence Mann…
Maj: Aha!
Terry: So I had to be Terrence V. Mann… and then, after Cats… I thought the “V” was a little pretentious… so, I think that I just told Equity that I just wasn’t going to use the “V” any more and they went “no problem.” I don’t believe that the other guy is in the union any more anyway.
Terry: Yeah… oh, the other thing I did was, I took the “V” out, but I put T-e-r-r-e-n-c-e instead of a-n-c-e.
Maj: So… you originally spelled your name with an “A?”
Terry: Yeah, a-n-c-e.
Maj: Yup. And what is your middle name again?
Terry: Vaughn. V-a-u-g-h… the original… the correct spelling of Vaughn is V-u-a-g-h-n…
Maj: V-u-a?
Terry: V-a-u-g-h-n. But… on my birth certificate, it’s spelled V-a-u-g-h-a-n. Vaughan.

Нет, ей-право, он это специально!..